The Tennessee RiverLine

is a vision for a continuous, multimodal system of trail experiences along the Tennessee River from its formation in Knoxville, TN, to its confluence with the Ohio River in Paducah, KY. 

Complementing the numerous river access initiatives already established or underway along the river’s reach, the Tennessee RiverLine seeks to…

Celebrate the beauty, diversity, and history of the Tennessee River Valley

Connect the people and communities of the valley to each other, to our river heritage, and to the Tennessee River landscape

Catalyze new investments, economic opportunity, social health, and ecological stewardship


Share Feedback and Ideas

Do you love paddling or boating on the Tennessee River, or walking, hiking and biking along its banks? Would you like more opportunities to do this in your area?

Share feedback and ideas on the vision for North America’s next great regional trail system using our interactive survey, called RiverGauge, from July 8 through August 31, 2019.

Be sure to share the survey with friends, family and other Tennessee River advocates, as your feedback is crucial to the next stages of development for the Tennessee RiverLine.


Get Involved ...

The Tennessee RiverLine is a project in early developmental stages that will be shared with and shaped by individuals and organizations across the river valley. It is a long-term initiative that will require time, talent and financial backing from a range of stakeholders, as well as engagement and commitment from the states, counties and communities it will touch.

The Tennessee RiverLine Partnership welcomes your support to:

  • Share the project concept with others

  • Communicate your own ideas, insights and suggestions

  • Connect us with allied initiatives and potential partners

  • Participate in project outreach meetings and events

  • Contribute financially