The Tennessee RiverLine is a...

vision for a continuous system of hiking, biking, and on-water experiences along the 652-mile reach of the Tennessee River from Knoxville, TN, to Paducah, KY.

The system will serve as a catalyst for economic, social and environmental impact in the four states and dozens of cities, towns and rural communities along the Tennessee River, as well as the more than 4.5 million residents who call the Tennessee River Valley home.

Beyond recreational, environmental and economic potential, the project embodies the spirit of innovation and regional collaboration that is our legacy in the Tennessee River Valley.

The Tennessee RiverLine seeks to:

  • reestablish upriver and downriver relationships

  • reconnect people and communities in the Tennessee River Valley by initiating regional and watershed wide partnerships

  • reclaiming the river’s edge across urbanized, rural and natural landscapes to provide for an unprecedented level of public access

Trail Users

From adventure enthusiasts to casual bike-riders, there is a trail experience on the Tennessee RiverLine for everyone.

Local Users

the experience might become an integral part of a daily commute or exercise routine. As a result of the RiverLine’s pedestrian orientation and the supporting networks of multi-modal infrastructures and lifestyle amenities it catalyzes, residents of trail communities benefit daily from enhanced mobility, social connectivity and increased physical activity.

Weekend Warriors

may spend a weekend or longer on the Tennessee River, experiencing an extended section of the trail during a single trip. The RiverLine enables these adventurers to discover remote river reaches and unique destinations to which access has previously been limited.

Trail Heros

seek the ultimate adventure of conquering the entire RiverLine in one continuous trip. Recreation enthusiasts from around the world will be invited to travel to the valley and conquer North America’s next great long-distance trail, one that provides an east-west connection between other regional trails such as the Cumberland Trail and the Natchez Trace.



More than a trail

The Tennessee RiverLine is much more than a recreational trail. It is a strategic investment in economic, social and environmental infrastructure that has the potential to transform communities and the river landscape.

Investments in local trails and regional systems will stimulate new economies, businesses and amenities that benefit the project’s diverse user groups and communities. Large cities and small towns alike will benefit from tourists who come to enjoy river, its diverse communities and unique cultural resources. Residents will appreciate enhanced transportation and recreation systems that promote social connectivity and healthy lifestyles.

As access to and enjoyment of the river is enhanced, trail users gain a heightened recognition of the contemporary challenges it faces. The Tennessee RiverLine ushers in an era of renewed awareness, ownership, and stewardship of the Tennessee River, its threatened landscapes and cultural resources, and unrivaled aquatic biodiversity.

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