Please note that applications are closed for the April 1st, 2019 deadline. We would like to thank all of the applicants. If you are interested in the Pilot Community Program for your area in the future, please keep in touch for future opportunities by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media.

The Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Community Program is…


a chance to connect our vision with the communities that share the amazing river! The current vision for the Tennessee RiverLine is bold and ambitious, but it is far from final. The vision is an idea in its early developmental stages that will be shared and shaped by individuals, communities and organizations across the river valley. Through the Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Community Program, you can help us understand what the RiverLine might mean for your community, provide feedback on the project vision and messaging and help launch a process of inclusive planning and concept development.

Pilot Community Program Elements

In each selected Pilot Community, the Pilot Community Program is comprised of three primary elements:

  • Community Leader Workshop - A workshop led by the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership with a select group of community leaders (elected and appointed officials, business leaders, allied special interest groups) to gain feedback on the Tennessee RiverLine vision, discuss community needs and priorities, identify ideas and opportunities to enhance recreation and river access, and understand how the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership can help communities realize the vision.

  • Community Engagement Event - A one-time public event planned collaboratively by the Pilot Community and the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership to gain feedback on the Tennessee RiverLine vision, to understanding community needs and priorities, and identify ideas and opportunities related to recreation and river access using a series of engaging activities and displays. The audience and venue for this event will be determined by each Pilot Community.

  • Online Feedback Tool - An interactive, online feedback tool developed by the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership and promoted by the Pilot Community that gives leaders and members of Pilot Communities who are unable to attend the workshop or community engagement event an opportunity to share their ideas and feedback. This tool will also be shared across the valley.

A Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Community Is...

Any communities with immediate or proximate physical access to the the main stem of the Tennessee River’s 652-mile reach as well as its major coves and embayments are eligible to apply to be a Pilot Community. We seek participation from a diversity of communities: large and small, urban and rural, those with established river access programs and those who need help getting started. All are strongly encouraged to apply and will be given equal consideration.

Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Communities may be cities, counties, towns or a coalition of multiple contiguous communities. We anticipate that 4-5 communities will be selected based principally on their embodiment of the following qualities:

  • The community recognizes the river as a social, economic and environmental resource and expresses interest in an enhanced relationship with the river through the Tennessee RiverLine.

  • An understanding of how the Tennessee RiverLine may benefit the community and the region, as well as a vision for how it may be realized are indicators that a community is prepared to partner in the further development of the RiverLine concept.

  • Support and active participation from community leadership, organizations aligned with the RiverLine vision, and community members are critical to Pilot Program success, as is an understanding of how Pilot Program elements would be planned, promoted and executed.

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Pilot Community Application Timeline