2019 Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Community Program

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The 2019 Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Community program is an initiative of the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership designed to bring the expertise, ideas and insight of Tennessee River communities the ongoing development of the Tennessee RiverLine vision. Partnership members will work with Pilot Communities to facilitate engagement events, leadership workshops, and launch an online survey tool to gather feedback that will shape the future of the Tennessee RiverLine in each community and across the region.

2019 Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Communities

The following communities have been selected as Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Communities from a pool of 17 Tennessee River communities that responded to a call for applications in early 2019.  These five were identified as especially capable of sharing feedback to the Tennessee RiverLine vision from the perspective of communities of different sizes, types, locations, resources, and existing levels of public access to the Tennessee River. These communities will offer insight to the opportunities and challenges that similar communities along the river may also experience as we develop the Tennessee RiverLine.

  • Roane County, TN

  • Bridgeport, AL

  • The Shoals, AL (Florence Muscle Shoals MSA)

  • Benton County, TN

  • Paducah-McCracken County, KY

Pilot Community Program Elements

The 2019 Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Community Program is composed of three elements:

Community Leadership Workshop: A workshop facilitated by the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership with Pilot Community leaders to gain feedback on the Tennessee RiverLine vision, discuss community needs and priorities, identify ideas and opportunities to enhance recreation and river access, and understand how the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership can help communities realize the vision.

Community Engagement Event: A public event that is planned collaboratively in each Pilot Community to gain feedback to the Tennessee RiverLine vision. Using a series of engaging activities and displays, this event will allow the Partnership and Pilot Community to understand the needs and priorities of a broad local constituency while identifying ideas and opportunities related to enhanced river recreation and access. The audience and venue for this event will be determined by each Pilot Community

River Gauge: An interactive, online feedback tool developed by the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership in collaboration with SASAKI Strategies. The River Gauge will be promoted by across the Tennessee River Valley, providing Pilot Community leaders and members who are unable to attend Pilot Program activities in their community an opportunity to share their ideas and feedback. Individuals outside of the Pilot Communities will also be able to share their ideas and feedback using River Gauge. Stay tuned for more details about the launch of River Gauge!



2019 Pilot Community Program Schedule

Do you live in a 2019 Tennessee RiverLine Pilot Community? Interested in following along with Pilot Program activities? Check back here for additional details about scheduled activities in each community in the coming weeks. The following weeks have been confirmed for Pilot Community Programming:

  • Week of July 8 – Benton County, TN

  • Week of July 15 – The Shoals, AL (Florence-Muscle Shoals MSA)

  • Week of July 22 – Roane County, TN

  • Week of August 5 – Bridgeport, AL

  • Week of August 12 – Paducah-McCracken County, KY

Pilot Community Program Outcomes

The 2019 Pilot Community Program is a critical step in engaging all Tennessee River communities in the development of the Tennessee RiverLine. With our 2019 Pilot Communities, this program initiates what will need to become sustained participation, effort and investment from all Tennessee River communities in order for the Tennessee RiverLine to be a success. Through the Pilot Community Program, we seek to:

  • Identify existing assets and initiatives that promote public access to the Tennessee River.

  • Enhance the vision for the Tennessee RiverLine and shape the future charge of the Tennessee RiverLine Partnership.

  • Understand how the Tennessee RiverLine vision aligns with the needs and priorities of Tennessee River Communities, and begin building a local vision around that alignment.

  • Identify pilot project and other next steps as well as the networks of early supporters willing to advance those ideas toward implementation.

A summary report of all Pilot Community Program activities and analysis will be shared in late 2019 to the benefit of all Tennessee River communities.



Help us Make the Pilot Program a Success!

Having 17 Tennessee River Communities apply to be a 2019 Pilot Community is a success in itself. We thank each and every community that applied for the insights and the enthusiasm each shared for the Tennessee RiverLine vision. The application process was just the beginning.

If you live in a 2019 Tennessee RiverLine Pilot community, keep informed about upcoming Pilot Program activities, participate in the community engagement events, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

 If you aren’t able to attend these events, or if community wasn’t selected to participate in this year’s program, share your feedback and ideas for the RiverLine vision using River Gauge this summer.

Everyone can stay up-to-date with us by signing up for our newsletter, or following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

The success of the Tennessee RiverLine is only possible through your support and participation! Join us in making the vision for North America’s next great regional trail system a reality!